Rovio Unveils New Upcoming Angry Birds Epic

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Angry Bird is a popular video game innovated by Finnish developer Rovio Entertainment. It introduces wingless birds on its various adventures for gamers to earn more points. It has been out in the market since 2009 in different versions. Year after year, the developer designs new games intended for iOS, Windows Phone and Androids users.

Just now, it has come up with another installment called “Angry Birds Epic“. As what Angry Birds have been popularized, the new franchise should include overwhelming departure from the game’s actual physics including turn-based combat. The new sequel should showcase different crafting systems for the wingless birds. Gamers make their chance to craft their own armors, weapons and potions; using resources won or purchased via real currency.

However, there is a price to acquire the new Angry Birds game. It may not be a free download as you have to use the game’s currency. You can purchase this game from leading application stores such as iTunes, Windows Phone Store or Google Play. They are known to have a variety of updates for Angry Birds. It should suit whatever OS you are using on your mobile device.

The soft launch of the video game is expected for release in Australia and Canada within the week. For other countries not mentioned, downloads should follow pretty soon.

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