Rovio Uses NorthStar 2.0 System (ROBOT)

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The Rovio robot is pretty smart by itself as it is capable of being
aware of its environment courtesy of the NorthStar 2.0 system that
does a faux ‘satellite’ triangulation in order to triangulate its
current position. Not only that, the Rovio’s navigation system also
shares similarities to GPS, Radar and auto pilot features that have
been crammed into a single system. It’s owner will be able to
designate a route for it, where it can then perform tasks
unsupervised. It also comes with WiFi connectivity and a webcam that
allows it to be set to “patrol mode” which makes the average human all
the more lazy as one can then scout through various parts of the house
without getting up from a chair. The Rovio will retail for $300.

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