Samsung 3D LCD TV

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Samsung 55-inch full HD 3D LCD TV panels for the development – True 240Hz technology, the Samsung 55 inches Full HD 3D LCD TV panels have developed.

This product is no ghosting in fast scenes, as well as traditional 2D images without loss of resolution than the smoother, more vibrant High Definition Full HD 3D visual representation of the possible.

Traditional 120Hz technology include two kinds of left and right eye images for stereoscopic display, but did not make sense to express it, the True 240Hz panel technology to be implemented through a natural three-dimensional image.

Shutter (Shutter) use with glasses, glasses, a product of alternating left and right lens block and video screens on both the left eye by looking at jet allows you to feel more vibrant dimension.

In addition, the rigid 3D technology, the company Muan 52 inches has also developed products.

52 inches of rigid embarrassing products using proprietary lens technology for 3D glasses to reduce the inconvenience to the following, as well as 3D images simultaneously from multiple locations, you can watch

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