Samsung Ativ Q: Dual Boot 13.3-Inch Tablet (Overviews)

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Samsung Ativ Q was first unveiled earlier this year. The company showcased the tablet at an event in London this June, but it has been out of the radar since then.

Now, it appears that the device may be ready to take the world by storm, if this rumor is to be believed.

The Ativ Q may be launched in the first quarter of 2014. Apparently, the machine hit a rocky road ever since it was revealed back in August that it faced patent issues related to its dual boot functionality. The release was delayed indefinitely then.

But now it seems that Samsung has sorted out these problems, and the technology giant is ready to launch the Android and Windows RT dual boot table next year, in the first few months.

Which would be splendid, considering that the Ativ Q is the first dual boot tablet ever.

Samsung has made its intentions clear in the past few months that it plans on taking the proverbial tablet bull by the horns — not only is it said to be preparing four new tablets at all price points, the Korean company is looking forward to break through the business markets with the slates.

The only question that remains unanswered is whether the impressive Ativ Q is one of the four tablets that are expected to see daylight in Q1 2014 from the mobile leader.

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