Samsung Corby II S3850: Price and Specs

For those living in third-world countries or an enthusiast who just want to have a low-end touch-based mobile device that delivers a straight “talk and text” type of functionality, the brand “Corby” may sound familiar with you. As of today, it latest and probably the greatest version – Samsung S3850 Corby II – is now unveiled and it’s good to know the company managed to stick with its affordable package under an efficient mobile unit.
As for its specifications, it will follow the original 3.14-inch screen display with QVGA resolution supporting 15 FPS. The cool thing about this unit is its new social hub, which delivers Facebook and Twitter applications on your Corby. And now that it has a 2MP rear camera w/ video-recording capability, it matches well if you want to do a quick wall-post with you and your pet for an instance. Again, this is something you can’t do with the old Corby device.

In addition to that, Samsung Corby II still supports GSM / GPRS up to EDGE WiFi speed w/ Bluetooth 3.0 for a quick wireless file-transfer with other devices. Meanwhile, it will be using a microSD card for its storage supporting up to 16GB capacity. It also has a FM radio, in which, its color will be available on Yellow, Pink and White.

Its expected release date will happen this month landing first on Germany and other European countries then to Asia where it belongs! Price estimated to be lower than 140 USD — just the way you like it!

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