Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

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Samsung Galaxy S3 may have a stunning display and superb features but some consumers are a bit unsatisfied with the handset’s dimensions. In order to reach out to an audience who are more inclined with devices that are smaller and yet packed with the same powerful specs found in bigger versions, Samsung has come up with the Galaxy S3 mini. 

Though the device has the “mini” moniker, Samsung assures that the Galaxy S3 mini doesn’t fall into its lineup of entry level devices. The 4-inch handset has a Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 800 x 480. It features a dual core STE U8420 processor of 1GHz, a RAM of 1 GB, a VGA front camera, rear camera of 5MP, and Android 4.1. 

The Galaxy S3 mini is initially released in Europe particularly in Germany where Samsung believes that there is a huge demand for a 4-inch handset in the region. It is expected that the Galaxy S3 mini will have almost the same hardware features with its bigger brother although these are somehow “compressed” to a more pocket-friendly version. 

The mini version of Galaxy S3 is said to have a price point of $510 (BHD 192).

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