Samsung Galaxy S5 New Design Leaked

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Samsung’s next Galaxy device has been set for April this year and it may feature the much-awaited eye scanner. However, it will be a “back to basics” for the Galaxy S5 with a design that allows users to distinguish it from Galaxy S2 and S4. This means that the display will be enhanced as well as the overall design. It will come out accompanied by the company’s latest smartwatch, Galaxy Gear 2 with its improved aesthetics and functionalities.

It is also possible that the gadget will have a display with three-sided functionality which gives out angles at oblique positions for easy reading of messages. This handset is targeting consumers who do multi-tasking like professionals but who can afford to buy it. S4 sales has been slowed with the release of iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s from Apple last September and the company hopes to bring back consumers with the integration of the eye scanning technology on S5.

No details are given about the changes in specs for now but the device is likely to come out once the Mobile World Congress opens in Barcelona, Spain sometime in March or April, which is a similar move done by the outfit in the previous years.

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