Samsung Gravity Smart: Price, Specs

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While everyone is still busy looking for the perfect gadget for this week’s Computex event, T-Mobile managed to confirm the arrival of Samsung Gravity Smart smartphone; and this device will fall as a mid-end handset for budgeted users.

According to its PR page, it runs Android 2.2 (Froyo) for its platform, and everything will be displayed on its 3.2-inch touch screen along with SWYPE SMS technology, for easy input while texting your buddies. Meanwhile, it has a 3 megapixel camera w/ LED Flash + digital zoom, plus a camcorder so you’ll be able to record still photos and videos, and send it to your relatives.

Since this device runs Froyo, it will be able to support the latest Adobe Flash Player, which can automatically be updated from the Android Market; aside from the fact that its users would gain access to more than 200k Android applications, along with other Google services.

We’re not really sure why it’s called as “Gravity”, but you should know that it has some special texting feature if you want to send your messages in bulk. Meanwhile, its price will be $150 (BHD 57)

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