Samsung GX-20 14.6 megapixel DSLR

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Get ready, the new Samsung GX-20 will knock your socks off with its
14.6 mega-pixel specs and high ISO setting of 6400. It also boasts
improved sensor-based shake-reduction as well as a double dust-removal
system, to prevent dust from threatening the quality of images
captured with the GX-20. A user can also convert the raw images on it
to JPEG format directly on the camera itself and it also has a Live
View LCD mode on the 2.7 inch LCD monitor.

To prevent image blur, the camera offers built-in Optical Picture
Stabilisation (OPS) technology, which means it shifts the CCD to
counter any movement of the camera’s body. The Samsung GX-20 will go
for $1399.95 and be available in March 2008.

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