Samsung ICS Update 2012: The List

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Subscribers of Samsung smartphones and tablets can now avail of an Android 4.0 upgrade as revealed on Samsung’s support page. The company has provided confirmation of several devices ready to be upgraded and came up with a detailed list of carrier-specific update plans.
The Galaxy Tab 8.9, Captivate Glide, Galaxy S II, Nexus S & Galaxy Note will all get the upgrade. Likewise, Samsung has confirmed that it wouldn’t be updating the Galaxy S and the original 7-inch Galaxy Tab due to spec constraints and its TouchWiz skin. After being constantly prodded by the public however, Samsung announced that it shall review the feasibility of an update for the above-mentioned devices.
Android ICS, otherwise known as Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 is the latest version of Android which boasts of several new features. Maintaining some similarities to Android Honeycomb, it sports a whole new look and will be made available to both tablets and smartphones.
The first thing you would notice while using the new ICS is its totally new font system known as Roboto. It’s designed specifically for high resolution screens and gives the interface a magazine-like feeling. Taking screenshots has been simplified as users don’t have to root down their smartphone or install a third-party app. Voice transcription is also made possible though there’s no point of comparing its voice command support with that of iPhone’s Siri.
Based on NDEF Push technology, the Android beam makes it possible for two Android smartphones to exchange contacts, apps, Web pages, and media in a secure setting. Compared with Android Honeycomb, the new ICS will work on smartphones as well as tablets which enable developers to easily create only one application and make it accessible on various forms. The brand new Chrome mobile Web browser syncs with the laptop Chrome bookmarks or with the desktop. This paves the way for offline reading as pages can be saved and 16 tabs can be opened at the same time. Its camera and video recording are packed with some great new features which could be the envy of other smartphone users.

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