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For awhile now, Samsung has been the only one in the handheld industry who has a prayer of going toe-to-toe with Apple’s iPhone with their Galaxy line of smartphones.

It seems that the Korean company has decided to extend the battlefield a little wider and directly butt head with Apple’s iTunes with their Music Hub. Slated to launch along with the Samsung Galaxy S3 is an online music streaming service called Music Hub. With the mobile giant’s history of competing directly with the iPhone for market share, experts and even casual observers could not resist comparing this new music store with industry leading iTunes. So far, similarities include: 
• Online music store 
• Online music streaming 
• Cloud storage 
• Radio recommendations 
• Scan & Match Cloud Locker (iTunes’ Match) 
• Searching for new music 
• Downloading info like album covers, lyrics and artist 
• Being able to store music files on PC for offline listening Indeed, all that has separated the two are name and possibly the price (Music Hub Premium will cost you around $16 a month). Although initially only available in Europe and only with the new Samsung Galaxy S3.

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