Samsung NX300 3D Mirrorless Camera

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Samsung has just announced the release of its newest addition to the NX series, the NX300. The 3D-enabled interchangeable lens NX300 is Sammy’s new flagship model which comes with a mirrorless camera and awesome specs to complete the ensemble. Similar with the 2012 lineup, the new flagship camera uses APS-C CMOS sensor of 20.3 megapixels for its optics. The company has always believed that the APS-C sensors deliver the superb image quality meant especially for the NX lineup and it will continue to be an important element in the company’s mirrorless venture. 

The new NX300 boasts a processor with more powerful imaging feature that can perform 3D shooting. It’s also equipped with a hybrid autofocus system that makes it capable to combine phase and contrast detection. According to Samsung, there are about 105 points of phase AF detection while contrast detection has 247 points. Compared with other digital cameras in the world, Samsung’s NX300 has quicker focus, a more prompt max shutter speed of 1/6000, and an enhanced continuous mode which can capture bursts at the rate of 8.6 shots in every second. Its AMOLED display of 3.31 inches has a tilting capacity which means that it can have various orientations such as 45 degrees down and 90 degrees when faced upwards. The ISO range got a 25600 boost though it doesn’t somehow guarantee that you’ll get usable photos. When it comes to the design, Samsung seemed to incline itself with Olympus and Fujifilm as it incorporates the retro styling concept that revolves around a metal frame and a faux leather stripe that runs in the middle. Instead of buttons, there is a control dial to provide ease in navigating the NX300’s touchscreen UI. Furthermore, the video record button is placed conveniently in such a way to avoid getting clumsy with the trigger. When recording, you can be assured that the NX300 actually supports 1080p recording at the rate of 60 FPS. It’s slated to come out in March with a price tag of $750 if you want it with 20-50mm kits lens and a hardcopy of Adobe Lightroom. Otherwise, the cheaper $600 (BHD 227) model would give you 2D/3D lens.

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