Samsung ready to launch Galaxy Round

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Samsung is set to launch a curved-OLED display smartphone known as Galaxy Round. The size is just similar to Galaxy Note 3 at 5.7-inch and 1080p resolution and the only difference is the manner it curves which is somewhat similar to the company’s OLED TVs, on the vertical axis.

The only explanation for the curvature is to highlight “round interaction” which allows a user to see clearly the information on the display such as an upcoming call, the date or a battery life indicator. When the screen is turned off and the device is tilted, the information can still be viewed easily or that battery life is automatically checked in that fashion. In addition, the phone’s thickness is 7.9mm and weighs only 154g.A 2800mAh battery provides the needed power for all the specs inside including the quad-core processor at 2.3Ghz and a RAM at 3GB as well as the Android 4.3 system operating in the background.

The all-new Samsung Galaxy Round will initially debut in South Korea through SK Telecom with a price tag of $1,013 (BHD 350). It comes in Luxury Brown color at first but other colors will soon follow later. There’s no mention as to international availability for now.

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