Samsung SE790C Curved Monitor For PC Gaming

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If you think it’s high time for your PC to get an upgrade, you might want to consider Samsung’s gorgeous curved computer monitor that will definitely make you want this as your Christmas gift to yourself.

The company recently announced the SE790C Curved Monitor and according to them, this is their most advanced monitor with an angle so far. The 34-inch will bring forth enhanced viewing and immersive interaction alongside vivid colors, all wrapped in a “sophisticated and ergonomic design”.

In addition, the monitor will likewise have a walloping 3,440×1,440 LCD display with a super-wide 21:9 aspect ratio that, according to Senior Vice President for Visual Display Business Seoggi Kim, will “push the limits of what display solutions and innovative technology can deliver”. And for what it’s worth and considering what Samsung has accomplished throughout their existence in the tech business, the SE790C promises no less than the best in picture quality and entertainment, all wrapped in this sexy Ultra Wide Quad High Definition screen.

In fact, Samsung’s newest item was also validated by one of the world’s leading and trusted certification organization, TUV Rheinland, pointing that the SE790C’s curved experience brings comfort to the viewers’ eye, resulting in a stress-free viewing experience. Moreover, its optimal curved screen creates a “high 3D like effect ratio” that makes objects brighter and larger as compared to a traditional flat screen. And if you’re into gaming, the SE790C will most likely to stand out also, considering that it comes equipped with Picture-by-Picture and Picture-in-Picture 2.0 functions that will, among others, connect two devices (another desktop, a laptop or a console) and simultaneously view it on the monitor. Another fact is that it will also enable multi-tasking mode without the compromise of reducing certain aspects of your gaming experience.

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