Samsung to unveil new Android device

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After launching high-end Samsung Galaxy S running Google’s Android, looks like the handset maker is prepping yet another Android handset. Samsung has sent out invites to media companies for the launch of a “new Android device” in New York on November 8.
Since the Samsung Invitation doesn’t carry any information that clarifies whether it is a smartphone or a tablet, we’d go with a new smartphone, looking at the phone call icon in the Invitation graphic. There is a phone call icon along with media player, Android Market, web browser, chat, Google Maps and other icons with stock quotes in the background. Slashgear blog bets that it might be a 7-inch tablet or the new Samsung YP-MB2 portable media player based on Android.

The Samsung YP-MB2 media player is speculated to be Galaxy S based portable media player that will compete with the latest iPod touch and the likes. It could also be yet another U.S. carrier bound smartphone with a nifty feature for stock market enthusiasts. Engadget believes that the new Android device is most likely to be Samsung Continuum smartphone that has secondary OLED display. However, this smartphone might be limited only to U.S.

We’ll wait for November 8 when Samsung officially unveils the new Android device.

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