Samsung Wireless Qi Charger for Galaxy Note 4

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The Galaxy Note is one of Samsung’s man attractions, and it is only apparent on the way the company tries to evolve it and put in some extra add-ons every time. The thing about the Note, no matter how beautiful it is, is that it doesn’t have wireless charging off the box. But as far as we can tell, Samsung will always have something up their sleeves.

Just like what it did in their previous flagship Smartphones, Samsung is now tossing a pair of new back covers with Qi charging features to the Galaxy Note 4. It will be available in the traditional back cover, as well as an S-View Flip Cover variant.

Replacing your stock cover to the Qi is a breeze. Simply take out your current plate and replace it with the new one. This would be a plus to those under a carrier since the novel covers will have the company’s name at the back instead of your network.

While the wireless charging works like a charm (just like they always do), the new cases adds a lot of girth and weight to the Note 4. It would be a new experience to hold the Smartphone with the Qi case in one hand, but just to make sure, use both. The same can be said with the S-View Flip Cover, but it comes with a, well, S window up front and the device’s logo as well. By now, you might want to think otherwise of buying another protective gear to your Note 4. It’s bulky, yes, but it’ll juice it enough to survive round 2.

The standard Qi charging cover sells for $29.95 while the S-View Flip Cover comes in at $60 (BHD 22)

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