Samusng Galaxy S IV Concept

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Samsung Galaxy SIII has been such a great hit, it’s been in the scene for quite some time now and still is one of the best Andrioid devices you’d find out there. Since there’s always something new that comes in new times, it’s expected that the next generation of the Galaxy SIII, supposedly the Galaxy S IV, will come out this year. 

The Korean giant have not yet spilled word about the next gen Galaxy phone. That’s exactly what triggers the creative minds of some folks to conceive what Galaxy S IV might potentially look like. A video have been created by some folks showing a GS4 mockup, but take note that this phone is just brought from theory or simply put, it’s just a concept yet. 

The phone in the video sports a super slim housing, that is said to beat its predecessor Galaxy SIII which is 0.33 inches thick and would-be compepitor iPhone 5. It is is also said to come equipped with a 1080p full HD Grand AMOLED display and a 13mp camera. GS4 is also said to run on a 2GHz quad-core processor and the upcoming Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. 

Aside from those specs, the GS4 has been assumed to come with a laser keyboard dock that projects a laser keyboard as one swipes a hand through it. Impressive? Definitely. The folks would definitely want this feature on their phone. Well, who knows, Galaxy S IV might even come with more stirring features. 

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