Seeser Laser Pico Projector

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ESPlus, an independent and privately owned UK company that provides security solutions such as digital recording equipment, has unveiled the Seeser Laser Pico Projector.

Under the hood is a laser-based projection system with a 25-lumen, 800 x 600 image capacity and up to 100-inches in size, running Android Froyo OS, powered by a 1Ghz processor, a touchscreen to manipulate the apps and a micro SD card slot with an integrated 1seg tuner.

Pico projector is a handheld projector that can show images from cell phones, media players, gaming devices, cameras and PDAs. The images can be expanded to a max of 60 inches although most pico projectors are handy and can be carried in the purse or placed in the pocket. The device has gained popularity and is being used in the development of smart touch-projection .

No details on price and other features have been released till now.

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