Sigma SD1 46 Megapixel DSLR Camera

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Sigma, more popularly known as a brand of third party lenses is looking for an answer to the growing market of competitive DSLRs and Medium format cameras with the release of SD1.

Competing against other medium format retailers that have at least five figures on their price tag, Sigma is the first manufacturer to bring the price a bit lower to $9,700.

This big boy sports 46 megapixels (4,800×3,200×3 layers) utilizing Sigma’s Foveon 24x16mm APS-C X3 direct image sensor. Technically, the Foveon renders 46 megapixels overall with its 3 layers of silicon photo detectors but the output image would still be regularly sized at 15 megapixels which ironically is the mystery to its claim.

The advantage though is that silicon has a great ability to absorb the primary colors in corresponding depths. Therefore, it renders spot on natural colors compared to other sensors leading on images that feels like 3D since low-pass filter is not required.

The specification is something we’ve seen from other manufacturers before. It has a 3-inch LCD, 11 AF points, magnesium alloy body and weather sealing. While it’s not really a bad camera on any possible way, buyers who are riding on the megapixel bandwagon must give it a thought before shelling out their 97 hundred to get one.

The Sigma SD1 DSLR camera is looking to ship in stores early in June.

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