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There have been several Skype applications to which you can use to make Skype calls on your BlackBerry. This is an innovative way, that what you need to do is just loading one of those apps onto your BlackBerry in an effort to contact your friends and families. Anyway, people are now conversing, whether such applications are worthy of your dollars and it is possible that your BlackBerry devices can handle any types of Skype calls. Let’s just reveal the truth!

So far we have three apps commonly downloaded to BlackBerry devices; IM+ for Skype, iSkoot and WebMessenger mobile. We learn that Skype requires the 400 MHz processor as the minimum for operation, thus any BlackBerry types running 312 MHz CPU within wouldn’t be able to get good Skype calls.

The next point to pay attention is that all those applications would lead you to a free call whenever you use those Skype apps. It’s completely untrue. Your calls are not free technically because you will be charged in two separate locations for your calling activities. It is for sure that your international calls using calling card is far cheaper than the Skype bill.

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