Smell-O-Vision TV (April fool or Real) ?

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A group of Japanese scientists presented a breakthrough in display technology at the recent IEEE Virtual Reality event by incorporating odor-generating device with a monitor display. 

The Japanese presenters were headed by Haruka Matsukura from the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. The aim of this new “smelling screen” is to create an olfactory display that can generate and distribute fumes on specific regions of the display. By intelligently maneuvering the odor source, users can freely sniff at various locations of the screen and realistically experience different odor intensities. The prototype smell-o-vision display utilizes four corner-mounted fans to generate this olfactory experience. The device can be arbitrarily shifted so that users perceive the odor emanating from the display (and not the odor source). 

The virtual odor source certainly has a lot of potential primarily on advertisements. Imagine walking a nearby perfume shop and actually smelling the latest scent from the billboard posted outside the building. How about drooling at the latest menu from your favorite restaurant or deli shop? The possibilities are absolutely endless. Home TV shopping will never be the same in case these smell-o-vision displays invade your living room. 

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