SNAK Keyboard: Review Social-Network Keyboard

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Social Keyboard’s CEO Robert Amato feels that regular keyboards don’t have enough keys, so they’ve made a new model that allows web surfing a lot more easy, without the need of shortcuts or mouse clicks.

The S.N.A.K. or Social Network Access Keyboard is specifically made for Facebook enthusiasts. It can be connected through USB and it has a detachable palm rest to support your wrist. It comes with a user-friendly software that’s easy to install, and you can always contact Social Keyboard through their hotline or through their forums if you have concerns.

It is a multimedia keyboard, with customized drivers and decals. It has been manufactured Dynex. It looks like a regular keyboard in black casing, only with additional keys with colorful icons, which comprises a total of 104 keys. It has nineteen Facebook inspired hotkeys that can give you access to your inbox, messages, events, photos and you Facebook wall in a single press of a button. So you won’t have to go through each loading screen to access you’re desired page.

But of course, you must log in to Facebook first. You just can’t start clicking away after your desktop boots. This is a reassurance that after you log out, no one can infiltrate and meddle with your account.

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