Sonic Generations – Gaming News

Sonic the Hedgehog is Sega’s most iconic character of all time. Eventhough there are several exciting games that were displayed in stores, the trend of sonic games has not abridged even one bit, since it started on the early nineties. When SEGA announced that a new game from Sonic Hedgehog series will be coming out soon, fans were certainly thrilled and not only that together with the release of this video game comes a collector’s edition that will bring bonuses.

Sonic Generations will be available in Playstation 3, Nintendo 3DS and Xbox360 consoles. Its gameplay is similar to the old-school Sonic game that was introduced to the public before. However, players will have the chance to choose from Classic, Modern and Dreamcast gameplay. It will also feature homing attacks, boosting and quick step abilities to create a more thrilling experience. Unlike the classic Sonic video game, this 3DS version will have access to special stages and multiplayer modes.

The game will be available in November 2011 around the World.There is still no announcement about the pricing.

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