Sony Alpha A35 DSLR Camera

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Sony has now released its official PR for the A35. And true enough, the Sony Alpha A35 is the replacement for the A33 model. First off, the DSLR camera will carry a nice 3-inch display panel and 16.2 megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor similar to the C3. Aside from that, the A35 is capable of recording 1080i HD AVCHD videos and has a maximum sensitivity of ISO12800 – good for capturing images and videos under low light.

Meanwhile, its patented translucent mirror technology is also one of the highlights in A35. The latter feature allows the camera to shoot still images / record videos in high-speed while maintaining accurate continuous autofocus. Furthermore, the A33 successor will have a light and compact body, memory stick compatible, SD card support and equipped with the new “Picture Effect” (good for still images or capturing HD videos), up to 7fps Tele-zoom High Speed Shooting mode with 1.4x magnification.

The upcoming Sony Alpha A35 DSLR is ideal for any of your sports activities and weekend family gatherings. Its battery can hold up to 440 shots on a single charge. It will be available this coming August and will be priced at $699(BHD 265) (body + 18-55mm lens) or $599(BHD 226)(body only).

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