Sony Bloggie 3D Camcorder

Sony has released its newest addition to its line of pocket sized camcorders – the Bloggie 3D or Sony MHS-FS3.

The Bloggie 3D can record and display recorded media in both 2D and 3D. There’s a 2.4-inch LCD screen which can play back media in 3D without using 3D glasses. If you’re bored watching on the minute size LCD, media can be streamed over to a compatible 3D TV with HDMI. There are also dual camera lenses at the back to capture media. The lenses allows user to capture high quality 5 megapixel and 2 megapixel still images in 2D and 3D respectively. One can also capture high-definition (1920x1080p) videos or 3D videos.

The 8GB internal storage allows for four (4) hours of high definition 2D or 3D videos, however, video recorded is not on a single video clip but rather on divided multiple clips (about 29 minutes each). There’s also a built-in USB arm, face detection technology for 2D stills, 4x digital zoom for 2D videos, auto-macro shooting, built-in LED flash and rechargeable batteries. Before we forget, the camcorder comes with a tagging functionality which allows user to tag media and instantly share it on social networking sites.

The Sony Bloggie 3D is already available for about $249 (BHD 94) at

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