Sony NEX-3N Mirrorless Camera

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Not every photography enthusiast is in the market for a DSLR. Some are just looking for a compact camera that’s sturdy, affordable and has advanced features. And according to reviews conducted by tech sites like Engadget, Sony’s new NEX-3N is one of the best budget cameras out in the market today. The Sony NEX-3N is the heir apparent to the NEX-F3 which is said to be bowing out. The camera might be positioned as an entry-level model, but its design and features are definitely not mediocre. 
The NEX-3N has a classy and sleek metallic black finish that’s easy on the eyes. The camera has a sturdy and stable feel to it; and at 210 grams, its portability is unquestionable. There’s a rubber strip on the front and a thumb grip at the back makes certain that the user won’t experience any unfortunate accidents. The camera uses collapsible and practical 18-55mm power zoom lens that even when attached, it’s still small enough to be able to fit in a bag.

Sony has designed the camera to serve both beginners and those who want to take their hobby up a notch, and has packed it full of features despite its small size. There’s a zoom level on top of the camera and once the lens is attached, it’s quick and easy shooting. The NEX-3N also has a pop-up flash, a feature that most compact, mirrorless cameras lack. 

The flash can be maneuvered so it can be aimed directly at the subject or it can be tilted if one is going for softer lighting. There’s also a nifty, flip-up, 180 degrees rotatable LCD screen that makes taking a selfy a blast. However, it’s not a touch screen display. Sony’s NEX-3N also has the same sensor used in the NEX-5R, so you’ll get the same power for a much lower price tag. The micro HDMI, USB port and SD card slot also ensures that the camera is ready for whatever adventure is thrown at it. 

The Sony NEX-3N is the best choice so far for those who want to take high-quality photos but don’t want to buy a pricey DSLR camera. With the NEX-3N, there’s a comfortable middle ground between affordability and good quality. Expect its availability later this quarter with a starting price of $500 (BHD 190).


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