Sony PS Vita: UK and Europe Release Delayed

In November, we already gathered hints that Sony will be revealing Playstation Vita in phases, giving us the impression that only few would have the chance to get this next-generation PSP device this year. Sadly, UK and Europe are not on the list too.

According to several sources in the gamingsphere, Sony plans to skip the holiday period on revealing Vita on Europe; hence, launching the console on the early part of 2012 without hinting any specific dates.

Likewise, this contradicts Amazon’s revelation yesterday of a January 4 listing for Vita, including North America and Japan. Meanwhile, CVG still believes that Playstation Vita will still have a release date before the end of this year on USA.

For those who are unaware, Kaz Hirai already told everyone at E3 the handheld console should be available by holiday period; then reconfirmed by SCEA’s boss Jack Tretton that it would only hit its global launch next year.

Come to think of it, the possibility of seeing Vita on USA is still high and we believe it would arrive on November near the Black Friday sales event. Likewise, other launch on Asia, Europe and Middle East is almost confirmed to be impede until next year.

While waiting, you can start saving money now because we heard its price will be $299 (BHD 113) for its WiFi-only model.

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