Sony PS4 with Motion-Sensing

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Sony PS4 will begin “at the end of 2011” and it’s prepping up for a launch next year. The source of this leak came from several Taiwan-based component makers like Foxconn and Pegatron who are well-known to be the “assemblers” of Playstation 3 ever since. Additionally, it’s expected that up to 20 million units will be shipped.

If you’ll look at the situation, it appears the pieces on the jigsaw puzzle are finally forming its shape as we’ve heard from BGR last week that a high-level insider with knowledge about the “Xbox 720” suggests its release date announcement will hit on E3 2012. Obviously, Sony wouldn’t be left behind with its most rivaled company for the past decade.

Interestingly, the said PS4 console would add Kinect-like features (movement-based control) aside from the reality Sony already has the Move controller.

Last week, we also unearthed an interesting interview from Sony’s VP Mike Hocking stating the company “already has the power to provide a virtual-reality world for gamers”.

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