Sony Vaio T13 Ultrabook with Touch Screen

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Sony is releasing an upgraded version of its Vaio T13 Ultrabook which would deliver a more tactile and personal experience between consumers and their Windows 8 live-tile filled computing machines. With the new touchscreen feature, the machine gives users more options otherwise hampered by keyboard-dependent machines and therefore enables them to reach out by swiping away on the screen whenever they feel like it. 

Originally 17.8mm thick and 1.6kg heavy, the added touch feature of the Vaio T13 also makes it a bit thicker and heavier by 1mm and 100 grams respectively. This is because of the added tougher hinges and the extra layer needed in the display. Other than these changes, all the other features seem to remain intact such as the Core i7 processor, the resolution of 1366 x 768, SSD of 256GB, and the RAM of 8GB. 

Design-wise the Vaio T13 Ultrabook is a mix of magnesium and aluminium alloy with a brushed aluminium finish on the lid which never fails to create a feeling of excitement. On the whole, the designing scheme gives the Sony Vaio T13 an industrial appeal. While the lid and its screen are thin, users wouldn’t have to worry about keeping the sturdy machine in their bag as they walk, run. 

Users have to remember that enabling the touch technology in the Vaio 13 ultrabook comes with sacrifices. Aside from the increased weight and thickness mentioned above, there is also an adjustment in the price. The upgraded version of the T13 sells at around $1400 (BHD 530) if it’s equipped with i7, 4GB, and 500GB hybrid drive. On the other hand, the entry-level i3 has a price point of $1,100 (BHD 415).

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