Sony Xperia Smartwatch 2 (Updated: Price & Release Overviews)

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A second smart timepiece from Sony is coming to town now in larger form and improved design. The Sony Xperia SmartWatch 2 still retains most of its predecessor’s functionalities such as taking pictures, answering calls and reading emails, among others and all remote-based.
In addition, it can also connect to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter through an app. It also works with other apps as long as they’re Android supported. The Android wristwatch has a touch display measuring 1.6-inches with a 220 x 176 pixel resolution, and is water- and dust-resistant in its aluminum body, commonly known as an IP57 rate.

If there’s an Android 4.0-powered devices nearby, they can connect to the SmartWatch 2 because of Bluetooth 3.0 and NFC support, a feature found in Xperia Z Ultra. This is Sony’s first wristwatch with NFC technology that features one-touch pairing. Its sleek design notwithstanding, it is compatible with any 24m m strap. The resistance feature (dust and water) is also found in the previous Xperia line. The battery life is even longer at four days when used moderately and up to a week for light use.

The improvement as to specs and functionalities is intended to edge out rival competitors which are now proliferating in the market such as MetaWatch Strata and Pebble which support both Android and iOS. The MetaWatch uses Bluetooth 4.0 with a 1.16-inch screen while Bluetooth 2.1+EDR is utilized by Pebble along with its 1.26-inch display.

Charging is via USB in contrast to that of Pebble and MetaWatch which uses proprietary cables. Sony joined the wristwatch market last year with the introduction of the first Sony SmartWatch. However, more entrants to the wristwatch business has compelled it to re-design and improve the SmartWatch to maintain its market share and possibly edge rivals. With the new features, the Sony SmartWatch 2 is now more user-friendly and elegant in design.

The September release proves to be exciting since more and more people are now interested in a wristwatch of this nature especially with the latest improvements and good functionalities. Price $150 (BHD 57).

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