Steve Jobs U.S Postal Stamps: Find out more…

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The Postal Services of the United States is set to introduce a commemorative stamp that will feature the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. It will be released in 2015 forming part of a rare series (collectible) that includes famous or known personalities such as TV host Johnny Carson, basketball star Wilt Chamberlain and a gay rights leader Harvey Milk, among others. Also to be included in future commemorative stamps is Ingrid Bergman, a movie actress and the Peanut comic strip.

However, the initial list is subject to change on prior notice while the service continues to find ways to boost its revenue by tapping the interest of young collectors. A snail mail with a Steve Job’s stamp isn’t a bad idea considering that Apple’s former CEO had been making tech headlines in the past years as he introduced new products. The actual look or design of the stamp has not been revealed or leaked for now since the service does not provide details of future stamps until production actually starts.

The Washington Post was able to secure a copy of the comprehensive list containing names of popular people or events that contributed or introduced a technological or social phenomenon in American lives. The commemorative stamp plan in the past suffered a hitch when a John Lennon stamp was released despite the existence of a rule that only Americans should be feature on the stamps.

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