Supersonic Car by Marko Lukovic: Concept

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Do you have any idea what the future of cars will be like? Well, as technology advances we can expect a lot of cars that are unique in design, efficient in performance and packed with interesting features and advance technology. And one great example showing all these attributes is the award winning vision of Serbian designer named Marko Lukovic that shows a three-wheeled electric car that is loaded with a futuristic technology. This is actually chosen as the best project among 1,000 contestants from all over the world. In fact, this car concept was recognized at the 10th Michellin Challenge Design 2011.

This car concept design that they called “Supersonic” was a product of the effort of Marko Lukovic and his team of experts and specialists that have been engaged in various fields of design and loaded with over 10 years of experience in the industry. They have been involved in various fields of design that include Industrial and Transportation design, Graphic and Packaging design, 3D modeling and Visualization, and Rapid and CNC tooling.

However, the big question is “will this car be around 10 years from now?” Let us wait and see.

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