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You Might Not be using the Next Big Social App (Yet)

Aaron Weiche, a father of four, held off on joining new social media apps because he didn’t need “one more social addiction.” That changed this year when his 18-year-old daughter ...

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After Elon Musk made “major” changes to the backend server architecture, Twitter experienced an outage.

Twitter has resolved an issue that caused a widespread outage earlier Wednesday (Pacific time), according to web monitoring tool DownDetector. The site acted up weirdly for over five hours for ...

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Twitter voice tweets: How to record & share voice tweets

Twitter is bursting open the gate to character limits on tweets. No, you can’t post essays now – text ones, anyway. But, thanks to a new update, you can now ...

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How to transfer Facebook photos and videos to Google Photos

Exporting photos from Facebook to any other platform is a mess, and the social media giant knows it well. Thankfully, Facebook has now made it easy to move your photos ...

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Twitter fed up of Trump’s lies

It looks like Twitter’s finally had enough of US President Donald Trump‘s abuse of its platform. Today, keen observers may have noticed the president‘s @realDonaldTrump Twitter account has been splashed ...

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5 Social Media mistakes to avoid

These days, brands in all shapes and sizes are posting actively on social media sites, trying to get their market’s attention. If you’re launching a new brand or business, you ...

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