The 8 Hottest Skills for 2008 ((AJAX, .Net, XML, PHP and other Web 2.0 programming))

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No one is mistaking the current IT jobs market for the one that
sizzled during the dot-com days and inflated salaries to astronomical
rates. But as our economy wrestles with a high housing market and
record oil prices, demand for IT workers is on the rise.

Here are the top eight skills in demand for 2008

1. Programming application development.
As companies continue to Web-enable their existing applications and
plow deeper into Web 2.0, demand is red-hot right now for people with
AJAX, .Net and PHP skills.

2. Project management.
CIOs are hungry for project managers who have extensive experience
overseeing complex efforts that have delivered clear business benefits
— not just someone who has obtained a Project Management Professional
(PMP) certification from Project Management Institute Inc.

3. Help desk/technical support.
Do the math. As companies continue to expand their application
portfolios, more help desk and technical support experts will be
needed to support those systems. And much of that expertise will need
to be on-premises.

4. Security.
There will always be demand for IT professionals with core security
credentials, such as intrusion-detection capabilities and government
security clearances, but database and wireless security projects will
drive that demand even higher this year.

6. Business knowledge. As IT organizations strive to align more
closely with the businesses they support, demand remains strong for
people with business acumen, whether they’re specialized business
analysts, business liaisons or application developers and other
technicians with business-specific knowledge.

7 & 8. Networking and telecommunications. All sorts of networking
skills are hot right now, including general network administration
capabilities and network convergence, wireless and network security
talents, as organizations collapse their voice and data networks with
wireless and voice-over-IP technologies.

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