The Smallish Nikon D60

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Here’s a new PMA 2008 wonder from Nikon that fits amond the more affordable entry-level SLR cameras. The new Nikon D60 is a compact DSLR camera with 10.2MP resolution, 0.18s start-up time, Nikon 3-D Color Matrix Metering II, adjustable cross-screen star effects, color-intensifying filters as well as D-lighting, Red-eye correction, Image Trim, 2.5-inch color LCD monitor and Image Sensor Cleaning that kepts the dust out. It won’t have Live View like the DSLRs from Olympus but it supports a wide range of Nikon lenses (the Nikon D60 autofocuses only with AF-S lenses).

The Nikon D60 will be released in the spring of 2008, the Nikon D60 will sell for $750 in the United States.

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