The VMultra by Velocity Micro

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Wires, USB ports,card readers, audio jack points, external hard drives… and more wires. Yes you get the picture: a typical computer setup that is a jumble of all those put together. The VMultra is the solution combining a USB hub, an SD card slot, a DVD±RW drive and 500GB of storage that connects to your PC or laptop via USB 3.0. 

Announced earlier this year, it is now ready for the market. While it will be perfect for all types of computer setups, it looks like the perfect tool for the laptop traveler or business man. So instead of filling one half of your suitcase with all the previous wires and card readers and USB hubs and external hard drives you would have had, this all-in-one peripheral will take up much less space, even fit on your pocket. Yeah you can now finally fit other “goodies” in your luggage. 

Features include: 
A DVD R/RW Optical Drive 
500GB 2.5” SATA Hard Drive 
Integrated SD Card Reader and 3 USB 2.0 Ports 
Full Plug and Play Support 

The VMultra will retail for around US$199 (BHD 75) from start of 2013.

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