Timescape Sci-Fi Watch: Price and Review

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If you are asking a layman about the use of a watch, the first impression he will gave you is to tell time in its most simplistic and efficient way. You see, this is how I think about watches too as of this day, and eventhough ornaments and a lot of dangling elements are being put into it, its core functionality – which is to tell time fast – shouldn’t be impede by its design.

Well, it appears the time has already changed in the tech-world as watches became weirder for the sake of its “design”. Just check out this watch to show you what I mean!

At first glance, it looks like an alien accessory from another dimension but nope! This one is entirely made on our planet and in fact, it’s called as the Timescape Sci-Fi watch whereas the only way to tell its time is from its Blue LED being illuminated in a weird pattern. The secret here lies on the lines and dots which represents the minute or the hour; whereas the vertical line is for the hour in which the first three horizontal lines you can see from the picture are five-minute increments.

There’s a whole “special” way why its designer made such watch and the theory behind it is so profound, it will root out even on the ancient times, when “us” humans are having a hard time telling the current time of the day.

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