Top 7 Best Windows Phone 7 Apps

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It was last October when Microsoft finally unveiled its “real” answer against Android and iOS in the form of its Windows Phone 7 devices, putting its decadal old “Windows Mobile” platform in the graveyard after it was proven obsolete compared to the efficiency of the smartphone-adapt OS from Apple and Google. At that time, there were less than 5,000 WP7 apps available on its marketplace – some of which are even barely usable except for the prime-guns like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

After nine months, WP7 Marketplace has evolved and is now rocking with 25,000 apps thanks to the adamant persistence of MS to drive developers on working with its platform. To be more specific, 51% of these apps are free and 18% of all these apps are games followed by books for 12%.

Likewise, I guess its about time to create a full list of what’s the current best “must-have” WP7 apps. In other words, the type of applications you should have already downloaded after the first week when you bought your WP7 device.

1) Google – This one is self-explanatory and it doesn’t matter how superb Bing has become, you’re missing a big part of the internet if you won’t use Google Search. So why not try downloading its official App?

2) Graphic.Ly – If you’ve been using this on desktop then there’s really no need to explain its importance to fans, but for those who are unaware, this is the single free WP7 app you can use for comic book reading including all the volumes for Watchmen, Marvel, DC, etc. The cool part? It has a built-in Silverlight plug-in that makes reading comics more vibrant

3) Shazam – It came to iOS and become one of the top music-app, the same case for Android, so why the heck it won’t be popular on Windows Phone 7? Its a must-have music app for everyone who’s living in Europe and USA.

4) Netflix – Back in the days, people don’t have any idea how to stream full-length Hollywood movies on their mobile phone. With the birth of the Netflix app, this provide the best solution provided that you need to pay for it and will only work on USA, UK and other specified countries.

5) Amazon Kindle App – If you like to read ebooks and you just want an all-in-one hub to get it, this app will certainly quench your thirst as it gives up to 700,000 books via Amazon all available on its crystal clear quality. You can also save these books on your Kindle device if you want to view it via Eink screen.

6) Krashlander – Sure, this game may cost you $1.29 but with its ingenious gameplay of letting you control a skier to tumble robots along your way, this black and white game made its way to WP7’s hall of famer in the games category.

7) Angry Birds – This game has been requested over a million of times ever since WP7 was introduced last year, and now that it’s officially available on the WP7 marketplace, all I can say is download it! You won’t regret it.

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