Toshiba Smartwatch

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Toshiba has unveiled its new smartwatch which is capable of taking the pulse rate of the wearer. Since it’s ‘smart’, the watch can also notify users about appointments, emails and such. 

Toshiba said that the device is capable of working with iOS or Android so there should be no worries about compatibility. Taking a closer look, we immediately noticed that it looks more or less like the usual average analog watch. Amazingly, the watch comes in a variety of different colors and bands. The OLED screen is only 1.7-inches but it packs a decent 200 x 320p resolution. It features the option of being able to choose from a number of clock faces which includes an analog. 

Battery life is under development since the company is still trying to achieve its goal of at least two days of runtime. Charging is possible through a cradle and USB. Details about pricing and availability were not announced. This is probably because the company is not yet satisfied with the current features of the watch. Hopefully, if the smartwatch does come out, it will be quite useful.

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