Ubuntu For Android Looks Impressive

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If you liked the concept of the Motorola Atrix’s docking feature which let you turn the smartphone into a mini-computer when plugged into a dock and an external display, you’re going to be excited at Canonical’s recent announcement. Canonical recently revealed Ubuntu for Android: a solution for bringing the desktop computing functionality to your Android smartphone. How it works is simple: when a device is undocked, it functions just like any regular Android phone. Once it gets plugged into a dock, instead of just running Android on a larger display, the phone will run Ubuntu instead. Users then get access to a full-fledged operating system that can access the same data and apps thanks to Android and Ubuntu sharing the same kernel. When it is unplugged, it goes back to Android again. Sounds like a great way to take advantage of all the highly spec’d phones that are available now and will be available on the market in the future. 

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