Ubuntu For Phones Official, Touch UI Impressive

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It’s been almost a year when Canonical made an announcement on Ubuntu for Android which is the smartphone version of Linux. It aims to launch fully the Ubuntu desktop as long as there is a docked Android phone with a keyboard and monitor. 

Now, Canonical proudly announces an innovative smartphone interface for its popular OS, Ubuntu, which utilizes all the screen’s four edges to deliver a more immersive user experience. Canonical also noted that the new software targets two main mobile segments namely the ‘high-end superphone’ and the ‘entry-level basic smartphone.’ 

The new Ubuntu interface offers several amazing features and one of them is the ability of the users to use thumb gestures from all the screen’s four edges, giving them a quicker and smoother way to find content and switch among the apps as compared with navigating in other phones. 

You can see the controls on the screen only when you want to use them. Also, you would be able to execute both text and voice commands in whatever application you would need to use them with. The software can support native, Web, or HTML5 apps. 

The new interface also supports x86 processors and ARM. Users can enjoy several customization options for services, content, and partner apps. Even OEMs and operators can easily integrate their own unique branded offerings. As a follow-up to its coming out party in London, Canonical will be gearing up for its official announcement at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas which is commencing next week. 

For starters, the software will be appearing in a downloadable form in the Galaxy Nexus. We must bear in mind, however, that there are no actual devices yet confirmed and no operators signing up. The first batch of Ubuntu phones is set to appear in the latter part of 2013 in Western Europe. A device must have some basic requirements such as a dual-core Cortex A9 that runs at 1GHz and a RAM of 512MB.

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