UFOs Tour Taj Mahal

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An amazing video was posted to YouTube on July 31, 2013 and it shows a UFO hovering near the Taj Mahal in India.

This spotting shows a UFO in the sky during a clear summer day and the object is so distinguishable from its background, that this clip seems too good to be true.

As it always is with UFO videos, that could very well be the case. Users have noticed that the object seems to be relayed at a particularly high resolution compared to its surroundings.

Its color is also sharper and it is not moving. Some users believe that the images have been digitally altered or that the alleged “spaceship” is just a bug stuck on the lens.

However, according to DNA India, Army troops have reported several UFO sightings in the Ladakh sector on August 4.

These objects have been spotted along the Sino-Indian border, but the Defence Ministry is not confirming the sightings.

Watch Video: http://youtu.be/EwXtjNenBM0

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