Veho K-Series Cameras For Extreme Sports

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Veho, a strong competitor of GoPro and Sony in terms of action camera products has created its newest addition to the family, the K – series Muvi action cameras. This lineup is made up of the Muvi K-2 NPNG, Muvi K-2 and Muvi K-1.

However, the attention grabber among the three is the K-2 NPNG because of its top of the line specifications. It can display up to 1070 pixel resolution among others. It has high definition video recording that can accommodate up to 60 frames per second and a 720 pixel recording at 120 frames per second. This model has also a 32 bit video in a 2 inch display screen. It is a waterproof device that can cover up to 100 meters water depth. You will also be able to enjoy social networking via Wi-Fi. \

The three models come in different prices; the NPNG model is at £280 (BHD 176), K-2 at £240 and K-1 at £190. The K series is said to be available for US consumers by February of this year. There isn’t a word yet on as to how much this will cost but the starting model may start at $199 USD. This is truly an amazing gift for those who have action packed lives.

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