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Electric cars are definitely more environment friendly than the conventional gas-powered vehicles, however they’re not within the price ranges of budget customers, forcing some to resort to hybrids or simply look for cars that don’t use up huge amounts of gasoline. 

French sports car manufacturer Venturi seems to be bucking that trend though, as it’s just shown off a new car at the Paris Motor Show, a quirky yet sleek orange and black number, dubbed the America. It carries a 300HP engine and a 53kWh lithium ion battery pack that can support the car up to 200 miles and give it a top speed of 120mph- low to some, but it’s definitely something to behold on an EV. Recharging is also said to be simple, taking just four hours to fill it up, or up to ten if all you have is a 230V socket. 

If you’re worried about not being able to go through tougher roads with this car, Venturi assures that the America is not subject to a typical EV’s road limitations. Thanks to its high stance and carbon-fiber chassis, you can go just about anywhere with this car, and that’s a good thing. The America EV will be priced at $400,000 (BHD 151,000). It’s still pretty expensive, but considering how much electric cars cost nowadays, that’s already a competitive price. Venturi marks 2014 for its release.

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