Vizio AIO PC (New All in One PC)

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Personal computers are still an integral part of everyday life as it helps us in business, work and even school. The good thing is that with a lot of PC companies out in the market, consumers are provided with options for PCs that will fit and satisfy their needs for work, gaming and other purposes. 

Well, Vizio just announced their first all-in-one (AIO) PC which they showcased back in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in early January. We have to admit, their TV background being applied to PCs resulted to elegant looking AIOs. 

It comes in two variants – 24-inches and 27-inches. Both these variants sport displays that give 1920×1080 pixel resolution. It also comes with Ivy Bridge Processors so expect performance to be quite bubbly. You won’t be disappointed with graphics either as the units have the NVIDIA’s Kepler GeForce GPUs (base or standard configurations come with Intel HD Graphics 4000). Memory or storage is not a problem either as there is 500GB of space for the smaller model while the big brother has 1 TB of hard drive partnered with a 32 GB SSD . Audio is also expected to be superb given that it has 2.1 surround sound and SRS Premium Sound HD. It also has HDMI inputs since it can be used as HDTV’s with the PC functionality turned off. Its power supply neatly hidden in the subwoofer while the monitor’s pivoting neck is made of a single piece of aluminum that’s connected to a hinge that’s also hidden. And oh by the way, it comes with a remote. 

These Vizio desktops also have the so-called “V-key” on its wireless keyboard wherein it has the shortcuts to media services ranging from Hulu Plus, Vudu and Netflix (doesn’t come though pre-installed). According to Vizio, said media services will be offering special deals for owners of their PCs. 

The 24-inch model is priced at $898 while its sibling, the 27-inch variant comes at $1,098 (BHD 415).

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