Wall E Laptop For Kids

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The VTech Wall.E Learning Laptop probably will not interest you at all. Kids however, will enjoy 15 activities in five modes that teach letters, words, math, logic and games. Other features include moving arms, an LCD screen, QWERTY keyboard and a “winking” right eye.
When we were kids our version of this toy was the 2-XL Robot from Mego. That learning toy was basically a glorified 8-track player that only had four buttons and blinking red eyes. The Wall.E Learning Laptop looks like a great learning toy for children but we can’t hide our disappointment in the lack of advancement in learning toys. See, when we were kids we envisioned that ACTUAL ROBOTS would be the toys our kids would be learning from. (Think Teddy from the movie “A.I.” and you’ll catch our drift.)
Vtech – Wall.E Learning Laptop

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