Wearable Chair – Sit anywhere anytime

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A Swiss startup company known as Noonee is creating a wearable chair, one that is strapped to the legs instead of arms. A team composed of five people created the Chairless Chair to enable factory workers to work comfortably while doing their shifts.

It has a locking leg support which is controllable by a button and its framing is essentially made of carbon and aluminum. There is a dampening system that is battery-powered and supports lower back loads by easing at times and allowing body weight to be directed towards the heels. While the wearable is still in its prototype stage, companies like BMW and Audi have expressed interest in manufacturing the same presumably for their own employees working at their manufacturing plants.

The Chairless Chair simply supports the wearer’s sitting position once the legs and knees go into such mode allowing the wearer to sit “in the air” without using any chair. It even allows for better posture while workers are doing their tasks giving out flexibility in working at lower parts of a machinery or any manufactured objected for that matter (such as automobiles).

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