White Xbox One with $100 price cut

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A technology-related forum had first broken the information about Microsoft’s rumored release of a rare white version of Xbox One. This is said to come out along with Sunset Overdrive’s launch. It was later confirmed that Microsoft really plans to release this white, employee-only version.

Rumors also say that Microsoft will also release an Xbox without the Blue ray drive and Bluetooth adapter. Although this doesn’t clearly point out to a market target that will prefer this without blue-ray version, this is one great shot for those who would want the Xbox in a more affordable option.

Additionally, it is also said the white, without blue ray model will be $100 less than the usual price of the Xbox One. It is said to be around $399 dollars. This is expected to be released later this year. Also, a 1TB version will also be released sometime in November of this year. The countries where the device will be release sometime in April will be Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Russia, Hong Kong, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Colombia, Argentina and Chile. Around October or November, the device might also be available in China, Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, Portugal, Hungary, Slovakia, Turkey, KSA, Bahrain, South Africa, UAE, India, Israel, Egypt and Indonesia.

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