WiFi hunter-killer drone

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Scientists build WiFi hunter-killer drone and call it SkyNET, No one can image scientists would proscribe certain names for their invention from Sci-Fi Movies. A team from the Stevens Institute of Technology is developing an aerial drone and calling it SkyNET. A Linux box, strapped to a Parrot A.R. Drone, can fly within range of your home wireless network and electronically attack it from the air. Whilst internet-only attacks are traceable to some extent, drone attacks are difficult to detect until it’s too late — you’d have to catch it in the act and chase it off with a long-handled pitchfork, or something. The team is working on refining the technology to make it cheaper than the $600 it currently costs and advise that people toughen up their domestic wireless security. This invention is pushing us ever closer towards the Robopocalypse.

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