Windows 10 Build 9888 Leaked

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As you most likely know by now if you’re a Windows Insider Program member, Microsoft promised not to update the Windows 10 Technical Preview until early 2015, but it turns out that more improvements are coming via less official channels.

Today, Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9888 reached the web, so all those who want to see what’s new in this particular build can give it a shot if they know where to look.

Keep in mind that this release does not come from Microsoft itself, but from an OEM, so in case you experience any issues with it, contacting the company for support won’t be the best idea.
What’s new in Windows 10 build 9888

Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9888 comes with several important improvements, including new animations for opening and closing windows. This particular tweak has been requested by many users out there, so it also serves as living proof that Microsoft is indeed listening to their feedback.

At the same time, the PC settings screen is improved in Windows 10 build 9888 and now comes with a search box that allows users to quickly look for specific options.

Last but not least, it also brings unified context menus on the desktop, but this particular feature is not yet completed, so you might also see the old menus across the operating system as well.

Microsoft said a few weeks ago that the next Windows 10 build would come in early 2015, and sources close to the matter now reveal that the company is planning a dedicated event in late January not only to introduce this new build, but also to present the official Consumer Preview version.

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